Toe rags on Low Hall

Hi all, it has been quite some time since I put any thing on this page. There are several reasons for this, Firstly the weather as usual has not helped, secondly due to holidays, illness etc. within the group we have not been able to devote as much time and effort as we would have liked. We are still waiting for better weather so that the pond refurbishment scheme that was started by the Mersey River Trust late last year can be restarted. The scheme had to be abandoned temporarily due to heavy rain making the ground to soft for heavy machinery to work on. On the down side I have to say that our little band is getting disheartened because at the moment we appear to be fighting a losing battle against the TOE RAG BRIGADE who are intent on destroying what we have done over the last few years by riding their beloved motor bikes and quad bikes around the site and churning everything up. At the moment we are hoping to receive funding from the council with regard to having more steel fencing erected along Liverpool Rd. On Friday 17th of January members of the group replaced (from our limited resources) a section of fencing where bikers had been accessing Low Hall. Within 3 days of this work being done, said fencing had once more been  destroyed. Is it any wonder that people are put off using Low Hall when they see the damage that is being done. We are now waiting (hopefully) for confirmation that we have received some funding and that some more fencing will be installed. Thanks for reading this article.