Leaky dams

Hi all, those of you who visit Low Hall will notice that we have installed a new bench seat along the Liverpool road path. the funding for this has been donated by Beverley Ratcliffe and friends. Extra seating is always welcome especially if like our group the old energy starts flagging. Funding is not always easy to come by and donations like this are gratefully received. Our main project through the end of September and into October is being run by the Mersey Rivers Trust. This will include the building of several leaky dams which will hopefully prevent excess water run off when there has been heavy rainfall and also the refurbishment/clearing out of some small ponds around the edge of Sammy's flood. An additional pond is also likely to be added. From the last article I put on with regard to our swan family it seems that they now prefer to rear their young on Sammy's flood rather than Amberswood, the downside to this is that one of the cygnets has died. We do not know if it had been attacked or died from natural causes, what we do know is that the Cob had blood on its body but now appears to be ok and feeding. Thanks again for visiting this website.