Balsam Bash

Hello one and all. On Friday the 21st of June (a nice day for once) the Mersey Rivers Trust organised a Balsam bash to try and restrict the growth of this insidious weed. Volunteers from various groups gathered, received instructions and set off with a will (or Fred or anybody else). While Balsam looks nice, especially when in flower it takes over and prevents native wild flowers, grasses etc. from growing which in turn affects the local wildlife. The Green crew as usual came on site and proceeded to do a great job of trimming back the grass around the Totem pole and path edges. All in all, a good time was had with plenty of Balsam removed. On a downside to the day we discovered a campsite that had been set up well off the beaten track, it had been well constructed and must have taken some time to build. While we did not find evidence of drug or alcohol abuse (could have been kids building a den) it could not be left as it was and so we dismantled it. There are a couple of pics in the gallery on the people and projects page. Thanks for visiting the site and hope you enjoy future visits.