Apple tree day

Hi all, there has not been a lot to do over the winter apart from litter picks, we have had the occasional episodes of vandalism such as burning plastic litter bins for fun !!! The latest incident was a burned out electric bicycle (not cheap) near one of the picnic tables. Does any one know what these morons use for brains? On a brighter note however, the group has just had a project day planting a mini orchard. We were shown the correct way to plant fruit trees which turned out to be a lot more involved than we had thought. This included digging holes(obviously), two rather large wooden stakes per hole, one twig (sorry I mean apple tree), root food, metal mesh guard then mulch to help retain moisture and keep the weeds down. It was a tiring day but we hope that this little orchard will be allowed to grow so that in future years visitors will be able to help themselves to an apple or two as they wander around Low Hall. There are a couple of pics in the people section of the gallery showing members of the group starting the project.