Something new

Hi all, it has been quite a few weeks now since I last put anything on the site, basically this is because nothing much has happened over the last two or three months. Because of illness and bad weather we have not been out and about as usual. When we have managed to get out all that has been done is the odd litter pick plus any fallen branches etc. cleared. Our long term site manager Graham Workman has retired and his mantle has been passed on to his understudy Becci Wilson. How long Becci will be in charge is any ones guess as the management of the nature reserves is under revue by the council (watch this space). One good thing that has happened is, through Grahams efforts we have just had four Elm trees planted, these have been bred to be Dutch Elm disease resistant. Hopefully these will grow over the years and be an asset to the reserve. The swans are back on site and looking well, we are also hoping that the Woodpeckers will return to breed again. Foxes are active and deer have been seen on site. The group have been approached with the idea of planting what is termed  Linear Orchards, When (if) this plan comes to fruition (pardon the pun) a selection of fruit trees will be planted which will allow visitors to the site a variety of seasonal fruit. This will obviously take a while to establish and will hopefully encourage more diverse wildlife. Thanks for reading this.