South Hindley planning

Hi all, I know that what I am about to say is a bit late to say the least, non the less, on our home page is a letter of objection addressed to the secretary of state with regard to the proposed (massive) housing estate in South Hindley. Please copy/paste and email, said letter to the secretary of state. We only have a few days left in which to lodge our objections the final date being the 30th. November 2018. We are also (hopefully) putting another letter, this one addressed to the council, onto the website home page along with the email address. Please do the same with this. Thanks. As you are probably well aware, the impact of a project this big would have a massive effect on the people of Hindley and surrounding areas. It would also impact on the wild life in the area, plus, access to both Low Hall and Amberswood would be more difficult due to the extra traffic generated in the area. Also do not forget the rise in both air and noise pollution. As I said earlier, if you can, please send these email objections in. Thank you.