Plodding on.

Hi all, it has been quite a while since I put anything on the website, mainly because not a lot has been happening. We have had a couple of visits from the grass cutting team over the summer, Hooray! (supposed to be once a month). The meadows should have been cut (not), sorry I tell a lie, the small poppy meadow near the dipping pond has been cut but none of the others have been touched. The Knot weed should have been sprayed on Low Hall, the weed on the green belt patch was sprayed instead. We are waiting yet again to have some non native trees removed now that the breeding season is over (fingers crossed). An experiment is being carried out at the moment with regard to replacing patches of Himalayan Balsam with Nettle, if this works it will help to improve the habitat which will hopefully increase the number of Butterflies on site. There is also a new funding project under way which we hope will benefit the habitat along Borsdane Brook from Aspull down to Platt Bridge (Joint Community Funding Project). As it goes we would like to think that things will start movingĀ once more and that the site will continue to flourish. Now that I have had my (sedate) rant I will sign off and go and pick some litter up.