Leeches on society

Hi there, some time over the weekend (4/5th August) a group of toe rags removed one of the picnic benches from its site by Sammy's Flood. By removing the fastenings they have managed to remove it in one piece, there must have been at least three or more people as these tables are very heavy. It was probably taken late at night and must have involved a truck of some sort, if any one saw anything suspicious could you please inform the police. Whether or not the council can get it replaced through an insurance claim we will have to wait and see. Sometimes as volunteers you wonder if it is worthwhile carrying on with the work we do as what we do is supposed to be for the communities benefit and not some b****rs bank balance. We will carry on of course (as long as we can get about) because you cannot let these people win. Watch this space and thanks for viewing both Low Hall and our website.