Hindley St. Peter's Brownies

Good day to one and all, on Wednesday evening (27th June) Low hall Nature Reserve was paid a welcome visit by the St. Peter's Brownies (photo in the people section of the gallery). The Brownies passed an enjoyable hour or two meandering around the site and hopefully having a good time. Some one suggested there could be a prize for whoever could find the most tree carvings on Low Hall, and that provided an extra incentive for some organised chaos (joking). We hope the Brownies enjoyed the visit and tell their parents and friends about Low Hall. Thanks for coming.

Members of the group attended a course on water sampling at St. Peter's pavilion. The course was run by the Mersey Water Trust who will monitor the test results for at least two years. In The Hindley/Platt Bridge area various sites will be sampled along Borsdane Brook, Dog Pool Brook and Hey Brook which will monitor pollution levels. The first samples have been taken, under the watchful eye of Mersey Water Trust staff. This scheme is all to do with improving the quality of the water courses in the region which will also improve the bio-diversity, which can only be good for every one of us.