Childrens Eco Week

Hi all, it's been a long time no speak. With the breeding season on us there has not been a lot of action on site in particular the lack of grass cutting (thank you Wigan Council). By now we should have had a couple of cuts on various parts of the site to help keep the accessibility available but this obviously has not happened. Any way back to the good stuff, Low Hall has had several visits over the last few months of groups of children from the Platt Bridge Community Centre the latest one being on Friday 8th June. The children + responsible adults where going round Low Hall doing a litter pick as part of their Eco Week Project, to see children doing something like that was very good to see which makes what we do so rewarding. Hopefully what the children have learned during their Eco Week will stand them in good stead for years to come. Well done Platt Bridge. Another bit of good news, it looks like the swans have had their brood and will no doubt be taking them on their hols across at Amberswood. The Wood peckers have all fledged and there has also been sightings of various other species fledglings around the site. Well that's all for this time. Thanks for visiting the website.