Good day to one and all, over the past few weeks not a lot of activity has gone on at Low Hall due mainly to the 'orrible weather. We have managed to clear yet another blockage in Borsdane brook this one being caused by a discarded shopping trolley. A  new drain has been installed across the path adjacent to the standing stones and several bags of plastic bottles removed from an area of wetland near the pipe path. This is a never ending task due to a minority (hopefully) of people who cannot be bothered to take their rubbish home/to a bin. On a lighter note it would appear that a pair of Little Egrets have settled on Low Hall and may yet breed (fingers crossed). As a group we are hoping that the council will become more involved in helping to maintain the reserve especially with regard to pathways maintenance and tree management, once again fingers crossed (and everything else as well). Now that Spring is approaching and possible weather improvement we will be hoping to get things moving once again. Thanks.