Hi all, during the past couple of weeks there have been several instances of what appears to be illegal fishing (poaching) on Sammy's Flood. It would seem that these toe rags have been using line/hooks baited with Sardines to possibly catch any pike there are in Sammy's. Evidence they have left behind included empty trays of what had been Cornish Sardines and a lot of discarded fishing line and several hooks.  Apart from leaving a mess behind them it is also a danger to both wildlife and pets, plus it doesn't do much for the blood pressure of those who have to clear up after them. Obviously we will have to try and find ways to deter these people but in the mean time if you see anything suspicious could you please inform someone i.e council/police or on the groups website. Thanks. Meanwhile, members of the group have installed another drain along the pipe path to alleviate any possible future flooding along said path, also we are hoping that the picnic table (near the dipping pond) will be installed in  the week before Christmas. Thank you for visiting Low Hall website during 2017 and we wish one and all a  Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.