Log jams

Hi all, good news at last, the base for our long awaited third picnic table (near the dipping pond) has been laid and all we are waiting for now is the arrival and fitting of said table. Meanwhile, members of the group have been busy over the last few workdays clearing some fairly serious blockages on Borsdane Brook. The pictures that we have put in the Low hall section of the gallery tell the same old story, we can't help fallen trees etc. (that is nature for you) but when you see the rubbish that some members of the great British public discard it can be really depressing knowing that it has to be shifted, all because people cannot be bothered to take their litter home and put it in the bin. But then again as a group I suppose we do benefit from all the exercise we get sorting through other peoples junk. After all us oldies have to have something to do don't we. Rant over, at present we are working on getting more funding and also a five year work plan to keep the reserve up and running. Thanks for viewing our site. Mick.