Fencing repairs

Good day to one and all, not a lot been happening over the last few weeks apart from general maintenance, when all at once one of the Johns on our team said WHY NOT REPAIR the vandalised section of fence near to the pipe path. This was met with great enthusiasm (NOT). Any way after some discussion it was decided we would give it a go and off we went (shades of a Last of The Summer Wine job). Looking at the pics in the people section of the gallery it seems to have gone ok and the fencing hasn't fallen over yet, mind you it is only a few days since it was done. Seriously though, the team put in some hard work digging, hammering and cursing but the job was completed with a well earned brew. This repairĀ had to be done because some thoughtless yob decided to try a short cut on a quad bike, hopefully this will deter him/them for a while.