Vandalism and car park.

How do one and all. Vandalism has reared its ugly head once again in the form of damage to the steel fencing adjacent to the kissing gate next to the Dorothy info board. A section has been ripped out just so they can ride roughshod (along with the horses) over the reserve. This type of person obviously has no interest in the rights of others wanting to enjoy the nature reserve, they just want to go where ever they wish and s#d every one else. We will do our best to see that they don't win but I have to admit that it is disheartening sometimes. The good thing is that thankfully most of the visitors to the site appreciate the work that volunteers have done over the years. Now for some good news, the car park has been resurfaced and marked out and a nice job it looks. (Please wipe your feet before walking across it).Only joking. Thanks for your patience during the refurbishment.