Drains and things

On the 1st of March workday (Wednesday) we found that due to the recent rain, the bridge on the station cut was blocked yet again. Your erstwhile reporter (Mick) donned his trusty waders and proceeded to unblock said bridge along with the help of other members of the group. Once the bridge was clear, Mick decided to transfer his expertise further down stream and this was going well until he decided to fall in the brook. Thankfully no cameras were on hand to record the scene but that meant an end to the workday much to the amusement of some people. Our next workday was  one organised with extra volunteers from the council Human Resource Group to whom we are thankful for the assistance they provided on the day. The job we had was the laying of drainage pipes in a very boggy corner just off the Woodland Trail on the edge of Sammy's flood. As a group we cut approx. 80ft. of trench and laid the pipework and gravel soakway to (hopefully) drain excess water away from the path. The effort that every volunteer put in to cut through the mud soup, tree roots etc. was very much appreciated and the photos in the people and projects section of the gallery show the conditions we had to put up with. All in all despite the heavy ground the day was enjoyable with good weather and people having a laugh. Once again the Low Hall group would like to thank all those who turned up and that there no aching backs the day after.