Clearing up

Festive greetings to one and all, I know it's a little early but we are coming up to our Christmas break on Low Hall and we have one workday left before the New Year. Over the last couple of weeks we have been busy cleaning up the sight, blockages in the stream plus falling/dangerous trees and branches. Some photos have been put on the Low Hall section of the gallery showing the tree clearance, Carl (a member of the Green Crew) put in some sterling work removing these trees saving us old uns a lot of work. There was also a job that we had to do with regard to the Liverpool Rd. embankment where the fence had been demolished in an accident The barriers that had been placed for safety by the council/contractors had been thrown down the bank, because they had been left there and the council/contactors did not appear to want them back (talk about wasting money) we (pensioners) decided to climb the banking to remove them and leave them in a safe place to be collected. On the car park. Well that's my rant out of the way, (feel better now) thanks for logging on to the site.