Dogwood removal

Hi all, after all the rain we have had it made a pleasant change to be able to do something, the Dogwood cuttings were due to be chipped which would have saved us quite a bit of work, this did not happen and meant that some other way of getting rid would have to be found (we burnt it). After several rain free days we finally got rid of it, the site will have to be tidied up somewhat but at least now you can see across to Sammy's flood. Other news is that a new project has been initiated, this will consist of several wood carvings being created around the site over the coming months and hope that it will be started shortly (watch this space). General maintenance still has to be carried out of course and this will be made that bit easier with the addition of a new member (John Robinson), welcome to the group John. Thanks to all those involved in keeping the site maintained and especially the members of the Green Crew without whose help the task would be a lot harder.