What's happening on Low Hall

Hi everyone, just a few words about what we have been up to on site. The wooden sculpture has been given it's second coat of preservative and it looks good, some of the stones in the circle appear to have been climbed on (muddy shoe prints etc. up the sides) but this is to be expected because kids of all ages like to climb on things. Hopefully during the summer we will be able to keep the path edges in good order and carry on with general site maintenance. During a site walkabout several tasks have been highlighted. These will include pond management, cutting the small meadow near the dipping pool and improving the flow in the station cut by clearing some of the excessive vegetation. Over the last few weeks it has been noticed that there is evidence that surveys have been carried out on Low Hall. This we have found out is in relation to the proposed new road system across Amberswood, Low Hall LNR does not appear to be at risk (YET). These surveys we have been told are being done over the whole area that could be affected to ascertain the ground levels, drainage and where everything goes/will go. Watch this space.