Standing Stones

Hi all, over the last few days some of you who have visited the site will have noticed some activity in a clearing near to the car park. Several Standing Stones have been erected to form a type of Henge. It consists of two entrance pillars and four pillars set on the compass bearings of North, South, East and West. Eventually we hope to install a central plinth or column and also have carvings on the pillars themselves, The person who designed and installed the stones (along with volunteers from Low Hall) is Andy Black who is a Master Mason and Sculptor. The name he has given the stones is " HARD BEARINGS ",  he had been reading George Orwells " Road to Wigan Pier which gave him the idea for the name because Wiganers had had a long and hard industrial past and also the bearings reflect all points of the borough. We thought that it will probably end up being called Th'enge in local speak. Up to press we have had some positive comments from visitors who have seen it, also we believe there have been comments with regard to the cost of the project. This project plus quite a few more additions to the site has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and also a very generous donation from the Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust to whom we are grateful, while we cannot please everyone we would hope that the majority of visitors to Low Hall will enjoy what has been done so far and what will be done in the future. Thanks. Photos of the project will be posted in due course.