Welcome to the Friends of Low Hall Website


We are a local community group made up of residents from the local towns of Hindley, Hindley Green, Abram, Ince & Platt Bridge which are close to this Local Nature Reserve. The group works with both Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust and staff and volunteers from the Lancashire Wildlife Trust to manage and maintain an expansive and diverse natural environment of woodland and wetland.


One of the disused railway bridges at Low Hall,
near to the site of Hindley South Station
- now demolished

Low Hall , also known as 'Sammy's Flood', and the associated marsh, swamp and fen that is here today is the result of much subsidence and undermining caused by the mine shafts and workings from several coal mines sunk in the Hindley and Platt Bridge area from 1800 on. The main pits were Low Hall, Strangeways and Amberswood, and the area was also criss-crossed by both passenger and mineral railway lines. After the pits were closed and the railways stopped running, the area was used as a tip, then during the 1970's many hundreds of trees were planted in the area and left to mature to give the site its areas of woodland, and by 1980 the area was designated as a Site of Biological Importance -(SBI)


Some shots from the 1970's showing some of the original tree planting

The site is very important for its biodiversity and has a wealth of wildlife, including, Water Voles,

Kingfishers, Willow Tits, Water Rails, White Letter Hairstreak and Grizzled Skipper butterflies and the Banded Demoiselle Damselfly. In 2009 the site was declared to be a Local Nature reserve, confirming its importance for wildlife and the local community

Anyone wishing to get involved can contact the group via e-mail phone or come and speak to us at one of our meetings - details are on the 'Contact us' page